Compare Boom 2 and Boom 3D
Compare key features across versions and discover what's new in Boom 3D!
System-Wide Volume Booster Personalized & Calibrated Personalized & Calibrated
Readymade Equalizers Presets
3D Surround Sound
Application Volume Controller
In-built Audio Player
Intensity Slider
Bass Control
Customized Listening Experience
64-bit Compatible for Max. Efficiency
File Audio Boosting
Controlled Boost
One-Click Audio Effects
Custom Equalizer Control 10-band & Advanced Equalizers 10-band & Advanced Equalizers
Companion Remote App Yes. Free Download on iTunes App Yes. Free Download on iTunes App
Customized Audio for YOUR Mac Yes. Uniquely Tailored Audio Yes. Uniquely Tailored Audio
User Interface Sleek, Smart and User-friendly Sleek, Smart and User-friendly
Mac OS X Compatibility 10.10.3 and Later Yosemite 10.10.and Later
7 Days Free Trial
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